Shoto FTC Range

The Shoto FTC series is a new product in the Shoto range.  This product is designed for high temperature and deep cycle applications, suitable for solar and wind storage applications.


With a special grid design, corrosion resistant alloy material, proprietary activator and low density electrolyte technology make this a long service life battery.

SHOTO GFM Series.jpg
Shoto 2V GFM Series 

Valve-regulated lead acid batteries. The GFM series is widely utilized as standby power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, mobile station, railway and vessels for the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and for the back-up power supply of UPS and emergency illumination.


Their designed life for standby usage is 15 years.

Shoto LLC.jpg
Shoto 2V LLC Series Lead Carbon

Shoto lead-carbon battery has been specially designed for renewable energy application such as solar and wind power storage systems.


With premium quality, superior PSoC (partial state of charge) cycle life, better charge acceptability and faster recharge performance.