Important factors to consider before an LED upgrade

For building, facility owners, and tenants looking to increase the value of their properties, or take advantage of long term savings and return on investment, it is important to consider the various options available.  These options need to add value, reduce running costs, eliminate maintenance, and ensure zero loss of production time due to maintenance.

To realize an immediate improvement as well as meet the goals of a worthwhile return on investment, and LED retrofit solution is by far the simplest and most efficient way of achieving these goals.

What matters most to your business? 

Undeniably, the primary driving factor in any purchase of equipment is cost, however the desire to efficiently save money to add profits to the bottom line are just as important.  LED lighting is very similar in this regard, over and above the desire to save money there are several factors that need to be considered in order to achieve a better savings and bigger profit.

Below are a couple of factors to consider and take into account when approaching an upgrade to LED lighting with the aim of a substantial return on investment.

Energy Expense and Savings

With the past decade of electricity increases South Africans have faced, we can only be assured that the trend will continue.  Considering that, along with the fact that business lighting makes up a substantial portion on the electricity bill, the benefits of an LED retrofit solution become very attractive.

Switching from conventional lighting, be it fluorescent (office environment) to metal halide or high/low pressure sodium (warehouse and factory environment) can demonstrate an immediate reduction in lighting costs between 40-75%.

Maintenance Costs and Savings

Maintenance is generally not accounted for very accurately in large organizations when it comes to replacement costs of lighting and equipment to carry out the replacements, let alone the cost of lost production.  This is an important factor to consider when looking at upgrading to an LED solution which generally offers a 50,000 hour maintenance free solution.

Performance Enhancements


Over and above the financial benefits of upgrading to LED lighting, the quality of light generated by LED is significantly superior.  The advancements made in LED technology in the past couple of years with regards to efficiency, Correlated Colour Temperature and progressive dimming features dramatically improves the lighting performance and efficiency.

Quality lighting and correct Correlated Colour Temperatures suited to each specific environment can significantly improve safety as well as productivity in the workplace.

Understand your desired intention and outcome


Numerous factors will influence a decision whether or not to invest in an LED lighting solution, these factors may include:


  • Concerns over a leased property versus business owned property

  • Will the ROI proposed be realistic and worth the investment

  • Would the investment be from capital of be financed


Whether your installation is a new building or a remodel, an office or a warehouse / factory environment.  Each project has its own set of variables and goals.  Understanding and accounting for these factors during the planning phase is crucial in implementing a successful LED lighting upgrade.


Working with the right supplier


With current pace of technological enhancements, it is imperative that your supplier understands which products are being offered for which application.  A reputable supplier of LED upgrades will ensure all factors are taken into consideration and will use that information to “engineer” a suitable solution rather than just replace luminaires.


The right supplier will preferably be “manufacturer neutral”,  and use a range of suppliers to tailor engineer a solution that will not only meet your expectations, light quality improvements and RIO but will exceed your expectations.


If you are considering a cost saving initiative or looking to replace old / blown lights in your business contact Enervation today and let us work together to ensure your LED upgrade ticks all the right boxes, and maximizes your return on investment.