GoodWe 3.0kW EM Hybrid / Pylon 2.4kWh Package Including Cabinet

Domestic scale hybrid storage system. The 3.0kW rated power of the GoodWe EM, when matched with three economic Pylon modules of 2.4KW each, delivers up to 1.2kW of continuous discharge power.


That's perfect for supplying some of the higher powered electrical loads in the evening.

The GoodWe Hybrid products have a separate AC back-up circuit output for essential loads, so they can offer protection for certain important appliances in the event of a power failure


The GoodWe EM inverter comes with an energy meter and communication interface included.

The included 4.5U wall-mount battery cabinet is perfect storage solution for housing your 1 x PylonTech US2000B PLUS Lithium-Ion batteries

For building and facility owners and property managers looking to increase the value of their properties, it is important to consider the different options available that will hold value over time, decrease running costs, maintenance costs and to beat the ever increasing Eskom tariff increases.  One way to accomplish…​ Read More

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