High Bay Lighting is a term generally used to describe indoor lights that are commonly mounted via a pendant or directly to a girder.  High Bay Fixtures are generally used in warehouses, factories and industrial applications where a good spread of light is needed.

Round high bays,commonly referred to as UFO high bays are used for general lighting areas, where there are open spaces and a good spread of light is required.

Linear high bays are more specialized than the UFO high bays as these are designed for warehouses with racking and narrower areas that need to be lit effectively with a controlled beam angle.

HB Series 80W - 200W



Energy Consumption:             80 - 200 Watts

Luminous Flux:                        10,560 Lux

Chipset:                                      Nichia, Cree or Philips

Driver:                                          Meanwell or Truefull

Rated Voltage:                        100 - 260 VAC

IP Rating:                                   IP65

Installation                               Hook / U-Bracket / Chain

LHB Series 150W


Energy Consumption:             150 Watts

Luminous Flux:                         18,000 Lux

Chipset:                                       Nichia,or Philips

Driver:                                           Meanwelll

Rated Voltage:                         100 - 260 VAC

IP Rating:                                    IP65

Size:                                              887 x 144 mm

Weight:                                        3.6 Kg

Installation                                 Chain

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